Wednesday, March 28

1 kilo more!

My newest weight is 72.4 :) I've gained 1 more kilo since monday but today I've been a really crappy eater so I had to do something drastic so I don't lose weight again.


1 big chili cheese burger
1 big fries with a LOT of mayo
6 onion rings dipped in a LOT of mayo

Observation though!!!

I am not a fan of fast food and the nutrition is far from ok but if u want and need fast calories it's the best place to order food from lol stomach is gonna hate me for this but what the heck....a one timer wont kill me....


Tuesday, March 27

My Goal?!

Since Saturday (2 days) I've gained 1 kilo :)

Yes I did weigh myself before water and protein shakes both times at the exact time....almost. The weight was 70.4 kg Saturday and yesterday was all the way up to 71.4 :D YES!!!!!!!

Not without lack of trying though. I had to add a lot of bread to my diet cuz the butter and cheese just didn't cut it!
Anyhow this body experiment of mine is so new to me and I actually have no clue of where this is headed so I'm excited but I truly hope that it will take me to my goal in june.

What is my goal?

I'm 180 cm and my weight was 73 kilos from the start. I had a few muscles but mostly I was fat around my tummy, around my thighs, butt etc.
I had cellulites on the ass and on my thighs and I was lacking a lot of muscles in my legs.

I wasn't comfortable with the way I looked and I started to dislike my body.
I haven't shown my legs in public in almost 2 years.

SO......I decided to make a change!

I decided to train bodybuilding to become stronger, tighter and with well defined muscles and reduce my body fat to almost non existing and I wanted to reach my goal in june 2012.

I went to a gym and got a membership and a Personal Trainer and started to train 5 days a week with focus on only bodybuilding and no other exercise. No running and no powerwalks. I bought 4 kilos of Pro Whey Protein powder.

What happened was, I lost 3 kilo of fat because appearently I ate too little.
Everything I stuffed my mouth with the muscles kindda stole and a little extra.
Normally I try to stay off carbs but that resulted in me looking thinner and thinner and since the muscles need a lot of calories I need to eat more than I lose in 1 training session.

SO....I changed my diet (which you can read about in earlier posts)

My GOAL is to gain 10 kilos, from 70-80 kg by end of May. At least 80% muscles and 20% fat I hope and then I will change diet again and reduce the fat from my body to get the muscles to show and hopefully there will be a couple of them under the fat peel ;)

Photos will eventually come when I feel ready. Anyway.....this is why i am writing about food and stuff cuz that pretty much occupies my brain these days. Everything is about the food. If I go wrong will show in my training.

Breakfast; 07.00 1 Protein shake
Lunch; 12.00 3 multigrain bread with butter fried eggs, cheese and potatoes and 1 Proteinshake.

16.00 Snack, (1 Banana)


Monday, March 26

More Food talk :)

Hi, now I've done most of my grocery shopping for a lot of my coming days and it's food that's gonna make me feel great and give me a lot of real energy so I can train hard all week long and hopefully grow in muscle size ;) AND gain weight!!!.
I am listing the food below.

Ps. This is my (gaining muscle and kilo diet) NOT loosing fat so be aware of that.
If ur overweight and need to loose fat and weight, this food might not be perfect for you.
Only if ur bulking and train bodybuilding!'s quite individual what people are eating during their bulk periods and what might work for some people, might not work for others.
Anyway...this is my food carefully selected by my personal taste etc. I'm writing this down for suggestions but not saying that this is the only way to go. All vegetables and fruit that I buy is 100% fresh. it comes!

4 kg Potatoes
1 kg Carrots
500g Broccoli
1 Eggplant
1 Squash
1 Cucumber
Spring onions
500g Mushrooms
4 big Chili peppers
175 g Ginger
5 big Lemons
1 kilo Bananas
1 kilo fresh Peanuts with peel
1 bottle of dried chili peppers
1 Sunflower bread (Multigrain without preservatives)
1 kilo Fish (Frozen though)
500 g Chicken sausage (80% meat without preservatives and 100% Chicken intestals)
400 g 100% butter
1 bottle of Sunflower oil
3 packs of Philadelphia cheese (original)
500 g Gouda Cheese
1 liter Milk (3.5% fat)
400 g Sour Cream
400 g Cream (100%)
12 Eggs

I have Rice, Cous Cous and fresh Pasta already and that's also a part of my diet....such as a lot of other vegetables, herbes and Spinach...

The BIG no no for me is real sugar (Cockies, Cakes, Candy, Chips etc...even Pop Corn, Fruit (except bananas) Fast Food, wheat flour, white Bread, Pork, Corn and much more of course but can't be listed right now....
It's LUNCH time now and I am gonna have fish, potatoes with cream, butter and broccoli :D


Body thoughts...

Good Mornin' :)

Here we go again talking about food lol....

My body quite enjoy this high calorie diet I'm on and that worries me a bit haha.
I have 2 months of eating and hard muscle training in front of me BUT after that it's time to lay off the calories and start losing the fat I've gained and I hope it's not more than 20% of the gained weight but we'll see :)
Right now I weigh 70.4 kg (155 ibs) and lost about 3 kg (6.6 ibs) in 2 weeks and that's NOT good but I know now that I ate waaay too little and needs to overdose on calories.

My goal is to gain 10 more kg (22ibs) so I weigh approx. 80 (176 ibs) in may just before it's time to def. I have never weighed that much except when I was pregnant so it's gonna be hard to get there but it's worth a try fo' sure. I'm a tall woman 180 cm (6 feet). Maybe I need to say that though it makes a big difference.

My legs hurt from yesterday's training so I decided to let them rest today and concentrate on my upper body such as bi/triceps etc. and my ASS of course since I've forgotten that one for such a time now lol I train my back everyday though since it's the strongest part of my body and it can definately take it.


Saturday, March 24


Another session finito and today I only trained my back, ass and legs (I like the word ass. I think it's a sexy word so yaaa u will hear it alot in my blog lol).
Anyway I maxed my limit a bit more so reps. from 12 last week to heavier weights with only 10 reps. today.'' I feel proud. It's going in the right direction. Horay!!

My P.T Mona stepped on my back today and cracked it with her feet but it wasn't without any heavy persuasion lol. She weigh 70 kg and was scared and refused to do it at first so there I was laying flat on my tummy screaming at my P.T
-STEP UP NOW!!! Lol...and she did and CRAAAAACK....pheew just like that I got a 10 year old younger back :) NICE!!
Ps. Not recomending to try that yourself! Only people who knows exactly where the muscle groups are can do that...serious damage can follow. I knew that SHE could.

And.............the food....hmmm........well...

First of all, -There is NO way that I can eat all the food I mentioned before...IMPOSSIBLE!
Second of all, -I don't think it's healthy, bulking or not...doesn't matter but that's only my opinion but so far and it's 4 AM now, I've eaten 400 g beef with vegetables, 2 pie's with spinach, 2 Pro Whey shakes and a big plate full of chinesefood (Chicken, rise and vegetables).

Since I never eat any sugar and not even fruit of any kind,
(I would have to be wearing a straitjacket and be force fed if I was gonna eat cockies) eeeeww...I allow myself the sugar they put in Chinesefood cuz yes :D I do know that there's sugar in it, especially in soy ;)

Now I will take my tired ASS to bed cuz I am workin' all nite' long.



I am a bit angry!

I am suppose to gain weight but lost 6 kilos AND that was NOT in my plan since I am doing heavy weight lifting and need the calories otherwise I wont grow in muscle size.

Eating approx. 3000 calories a day is kindda going against everything I have learned about food and eating but appearently that's what I need to be Big Mama. I have two months to bulk up and get big and in may I will start my def period and be in shape for june with defined big muscles. That's my goal BUT if I am gonna reach it I will have to change my eating behaviour :/

Today's food...400 g beef with vegetables, 2 small spinach pies, 400 g salmon with sour cream and buttered potatoes and spinach, Pasta Carbonara with sourcream, chinesefood with rice, 3 protein shakes and 2 sandwishes with turkey, salad, cheese, eggs and mayo...THAT will do it...let's hope I gain weight now....