Saturday, June 13


4 am
Yesterday was a great day. Me and my son cleaned out the whole appartment and now I have a whole lot of space. Both in my rooms and my closet. I was'nt able to use my 3 three rooms before. The third room was more of a storage but now I have a bedroom, working room and a dining room. It is sooo nice!! Anyway....this day is kinda stressful.
I'm going to Ystad to my brothers b-day party. Normally I'm working all weekends but today I was able to switch my shift :)
I wont have anymore time to write today. I have to go to the laundry room and get my clothes.
I have a lot of sorting out to do!! Arrgghh I hate clothes!!! Why can't we just walk around naked or something. Ok..that raises a lot of other issues and proplems and besides, it would be too cold. Another better solution would be "NOT BUYING MORE CLOTHES" I have enough already...
Anyway.....this lady is gonna make herself a cup of coffe and getting down to business...
Ps. I LOVE my appartment...I'm glad I did all the work yesterday...It's absolutely lovely!

Thursday, June 11

Inspiration might be on it's way back home..

Another day has come to an end and I'm beat! My day was wonderful with fun activities!
I've been in the sauna and I bathe in the jacuzzi and just enjoyed life.
I'm too tired to write though and will go tuck myself in now and turn off the light.
Being lazy and play with my son made me in a better mood so I'm gonna start with work again tomorrow and see if I can get things done. I have a few designs in my head and I just need them on paper and I'm ready to go. Maybe it will come to me when I close my eyes.
Nighty night y'all!


12.20 am

Hello hey....
I was suppose to blog a little earlier but my computer had it's own way today and I had to update a bunch of shit to make it work. Something with the anti-virus. Really annoying :/
It's thursday and the weather is really bad.
Today it's the first day of my son's summer vacation and we're going to a water palace called Aq-va-kul.
Yesterday was a really nice day. I spent it with my son, mum and niece. We ate thai food and went shopping. Later last night I drove to my great grand mother in another town and paid her a visit. She was very happy to see us and we drank coffee, ate cockies and talked until 11 am.
I have'nt seen her in 3 years. It was really nice.
So yesterday was a very intense day. At 12 pm we were finally home and I carried a really tired 9 year old 4 floors....

Today.....Aq-va-kul :)

Tuesday, June 9

I'm up and so is the cock!

Shit, that sound so hilarious. I just had to say it. I'm used to say that word in different situations.
NOT talking about that in here though!! It's not that kind of blog :O

It's 6.30 pm (The blog clock is still wrong)
I'm sitting with the 2 of my best friends in the morning.
My coffe and my computer. I have a bit of a headache and please don't ask me why cuz
I got plenty of sleep. 7 hours. I went to bed 11 am last night and fell asleep almost immediately.
I'm going to ystad today, my hometown. It's gonna be a nice day with the kids and my family and I'm not gonna think about work or any lack of inspiration or what so ever. Just enjoy the day and the rain :(

Anyway...I use to read a blog before written by a Big brother winner in Sweden. She was/is quite a subject on people's lips and everyone loved/loves to gossip and talk about her and the disappointments and surgerys in her life. This girl got breast inplants, fixed nose, botox and the whole debacle and then we add a little heartbreak and failure into the cake, so yeah.
She's quite a subject as you can understand. People loves to hate her and everything she does because they simply don't have a life on their own.
I haven't read her blog in quite a while (6 months ago to be exact) until today.
I was really suprised and what I read made me very happy.
This girl with so many failures and heartbreaks and insecurity had turned it around. A lot can happen i six months :O
She had met a nice guy and fallen in love and was now pregnant with her third child and the family seemed very happy and she looked happy. Not that kind of fake happiness that you see everywhere. No a real genuine one and it was a really nice mood boost to read it this morning.
I felt a tiny bit of optimism flushing trough my body and once again I felt that feeling.
Life do start after 30.


The time is 7.51pm so that silly blog clock is all wrong! I don't know how to change it :(
Anyway this is my last blogging for tonite. I'm exhausted so I'm gonna take my cute little hiny to bed. My son's school is out tomorrow so we're going to church with his class.
He's real excited that school is over and summer is here! My school is starting during summer though but I'll only be there mondays and tuesdays so it is not so bad. I'm excited too start! I've looked forward to it. This education is something I have wanted for a very long time.'s time to sleep...or at least crawl under the covers with a movie and a teddy bear.
I have a cute teddy here on a loan. I lived with a guybefore and when he moved out he left all of his stuffed animals behind. It's actually nice to have them around me when I sleep. It got nothing to do with him though. It's just reminding me of childhood :) Innosence and stuffed animals :)
Stuffed animals are actually better to sleep in with. Both the guy and my son are kicking and hitting in their sleep so imagine the big of a danger I was in lol.
I remember one morning when I woke up earlier then the guy and gave him a kiss on his chest. Before I had the slightest chance to react I received a big slap right in my face!

I screamed ofcourse and I remember he opened his eyes and said!
-"Oh...I'm so sorry, I thought it was a fly"!! bear....gnight!

The geek in me is drying out my source of inspiration

To regain some inspiration for my upcoming fashionshow,
I have bought myself new sketch pads and I have new pencils as well.
The show is gonna be held in august. I really hope I can get all of my designs ready in time. I kinda hope that these pads are gonna help me.
I'm really tired now as well. I went up 6 am and sure I've been doing some important shit but it's still not enough. I've been moody all day and I'm disappointed in everything I do right now.

I need some fuel to my quiet life. I should do some exiting stuff.
If only I weren't such a geek I would go out and get myself a hot date with a hunky man or do some dangerous sports but seriously....

I need a date!!
Maybe that's why my inspiration is gone because I don't have enough s.e.x in my life? (Am I even aloud to say that in a blog) It's summer now!!
(well a rainy boring summer) but's still summer and during summer a girl should go out and amuse herself and meet exotic men and don't think about tomorrow :)

Hmm....THAT did'nt sound like me.
I'm not even sure if I'm that girl anymore or even was??
She might be in me somewhere?? I'd better find the cool girl and toss the geek out before I get lost in the swamp of old maids lol

Inspiration come to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

A new time has come......I turned 30.

My age has changed and so has my blog!
From now, it's gonna be written in english.
I have some english speaking friends who can't follow my blog in swedish.
Simple as that.

It will be hard for me sometimes, to find the right words and express myself correctly in a foreign language but I'll do my best!

Also I have new rules set for myself and they are to be followed every single day.
The rules are to not talk about the past. Only the present and the future.
I have nothin to hide. It's just that I have an ability to get stuck in ruts and old thoughts.

"If you're afraid to take the next step, you might be standing on one leg for the rest of your life"

I will also try to write everyday.
I really don't see why people would want to read my blog everyday but appearently I have some people around me who actually do read it, so I'll try to have alot more updates then before. (Now that was a really long sentence lol)
Mark my words,,,,,I said "try"!

Birthday- (girl, maid, hag)