Saturday, March 24


Another session finito and today I only trained my back, ass and legs (I like the word ass. I think it's a sexy word so yaaa u will hear it alot in my blog lol).
Anyway I maxed my limit a bit more so reps. from 12 last week to heavier weights with only 10 reps. today.'' I feel proud. It's going in the right direction. Horay!!

My P.T Mona stepped on my back today and cracked it with her feet but it wasn't without any heavy persuasion lol. She weigh 70 kg and was scared and refused to do it at first so there I was laying flat on my tummy screaming at my P.T
-STEP UP NOW!!! Lol...and she did and CRAAAAACK....pheew just like that I got a 10 year old younger back :) NICE!!
Ps. Not recomending to try that yourself! Only people who knows exactly where the muscle groups are can do that...serious damage can follow. I knew that SHE could.

And.............the food....hmmm........well...

First of all, -There is NO way that I can eat all the food I mentioned before...IMPOSSIBLE!
Second of all, -I don't think it's healthy, bulking or not...doesn't matter but that's only my opinion but so far and it's 4 AM now, I've eaten 400 g beef with vegetables, 2 pie's with spinach, 2 Pro Whey shakes and a big plate full of chinesefood (Chicken, rise and vegetables).

Since I never eat any sugar and not even fruit of any kind,
(I would have to be wearing a straitjacket and be force fed if I was gonna eat cockies) eeeeww...I allow myself the sugar they put in Chinesefood cuz yes :D I do know that there's sugar in it, especially in soy ;)

Now I will take my tired ASS to bed cuz I am workin' all nite' long.


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