Monday, March 26

More Food talk :)

Hi, now I've done most of my grocery shopping for a lot of my coming days and it's food that's gonna make me feel great and give me a lot of real energy so I can train hard all week long and hopefully grow in muscle size ;) AND gain weight!!!.
I am listing the food below.

Ps. This is my (gaining muscle and kilo diet) NOT loosing fat so be aware of that.
If ur overweight and need to loose fat and weight, this food might not be perfect for you.
Only if ur bulking and train bodybuilding!'s quite individual what people are eating during their bulk periods and what might work for some people, might not work for others.
Anyway...this is my food carefully selected by my personal taste etc. I'm writing this down for suggestions but not saying that this is the only way to go. All vegetables and fruit that I buy is 100% fresh. it comes!

4 kg Potatoes
1 kg Carrots
500g Broccoli
1 Eggplant
1 Squash
1 Cucumber
Spring onions
500g Mushrooms
4 big Chili peppers
175 g Ginger
5 big Lemons
1 kilo Bananas
1 kilo fresh Peanuts with peel
1 bottle of dried chili peppers
1 Sunflower bread (Multigrain without preservatives)
1 kilo Fish (Frozen though)
500 g Chicken sausage (80% meat without preservatives and 100% Chicken intestals)
400 g 100% butter
1 bottle of Sunflower oil
3 packs of Philadelphia cheese (original)
500 g Gouda Cheese
1 liter Milk (3.5% fat)
400 g Sour Cream
400 g Cream (100%)
12 Eggs

I have Rice, Cous Cous and fresh Pasta already and that's also a part of my diet....such as a lot of other vegetables, herbes and Spinach...

The BIG no no for me is real sugar (Cockies, Cakes, Candy, Chips etc...even Pop Corn, Fruit (except bananas) Fast Food, wheat flour, white Bread, Pork, Corn and much more of course but can't be listed right now....
It's LUNCH time now and I am gonna have fish, potatoes with cream, butter and broccoli :D


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