Monday, March 26

Body thoughts...

Good Mornin' :)

Here we go again talking about food lol....

My body quite enjoy this high calorie diet I'm on and that worries me a bit haha.
I have 2 months of eating and hard muscle training in front of me BUT after that it's time to lay off the calories and start losing the fat I've gained and I hope it's not more than 20% of the gained weight but we'll see :)
Right now I weigh 70.4 kg (155 ibs) and lost about 3 kg (6.6 ibs) in 2 weeks and that's NOT good but I know now that I ate waaay too little and needs to overdose on calories.

My goal is to gain 10 more kg (22ibs) so I weigh approx. 80 (176 ibs) in may just before it's time to def. I have never weighed that much except when I was pregnant so it's gonna be hard to get there but it's worth a try fo' sure. I'm a tall woman 180 cm (6 feet). Maybe I need to say that though it makes a big difference.

My legs hurt from yesterday's training so I decided to let them rest today and concentrate on my upper body such as bi/triceps etc. and my ASS of course since I've forgotten that one for such a time now lol I train my back everyday though since it's the strongest part of my body and it can definately take it.


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