Saturday, March 24


I am a bit angry!

I am suppose to gain weight but lost 6 kilos AND that was NOT in my plan since I am doing heavy weight lifting and need the calories otherwise I wont grow in muscle size.

Eating approx. 3000 calories a day is kindda going against everything I have learned about food and eating but appearently that's what I need to be Big Mama. I have two months to bulk up and get big and in may I will start my def period and be in shape for june with defined big muscles. That's my goal BUT if I am gonna reach it I will have to change my eating behaviour :/

Today's food...400 g beef with vegetables, 2 small spinach pies, 400 g salmon with sour cream and buttered potatoes and spinach, Pasta Carbonara with sourcream, chinesefood with rice, 3 protein shakes and 2 sandwishes with turkey, salad, cheese, eggs and mayo...THAT will do it...let's hope I gain weight now....


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