Tuesday, March 27

My Goal?!

Since Saturday (2 days) I've gained 1 kilo :)

Yes I did weigh myself before water and protein shakes both times at the exact time....almost. The weight was 70.4 kg Saturday and yesterday was all the way up to 71.4 :D YES!!!!!!!

Not without lack of trying though. I had to add a lot of bread to my diet cuz the butter and cheese just didn't cut it!
Anyhow this body experiment of mine is so new to me and I actually have no clue of where this is headed so I'm excited but I truly hope that it will take me to my goal in june.

What is my goal?

I'm 180 cm and my weight was 73 kilos from the start. I had a few muscles but mostly I was fat around my tummy, around my thighs, butt etc.
I had cellulites on the ass and on my thighs and I was lacking a lot of muscles in my legs.

I wasn't comfortable with the way I looked and I started to dislike my body.
I haven't shown my legs in public in almost 2 years.

SO......I decided to make a change!

I decided to train bodybuilding to become stronger, tighter and with well defined muscles and reduce my body fat to almost non existing and I wanted to reach my goal in june 2012.

I went to a gym and got a membership and a Personal Trainer and started to train 5 days a week with focus on only bodybuilding and no other exercise. No running and no powerwalks. I bought 4 kilos of Pro Whey Protein powder.

What happened was, I lost 3 kilo of fat because appearently I ate too little.
Everything I stuffed my mouth with the muscles kindda stole and a little extra.
Normally I try to stay off carbs but that resulted in me looking thinner and thinner and since the muscles need a lot of calories I need to eat more than I lose in 1 training session.

SO....I changed my diet (which you can read about in earlier posts)

My GOAL is to gain 10 kilos, from 70-80 kg by end of May. At least 80% muscles and 20% fat I hope and then I will change diet again and reduce the fat from my body to get the muscles to show and hopefully there will be a couple of them under the fat peel ;)

Photos will eventually come when I feel ready. Anyway.....this is why i am writing about food and stuff cuz that pretty much occupies my brain these days. Everything is about the food. If I go wrong there....it will show in my training.

Breakfast; 07.00 1 Protein shake
Lunch; 12.00 3 multigrain bread with butter fried eggs, cheese and potatoes and 1 Proteinshake.

16.00 Snack, (1 Banana)


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