Thursday, October 27


Sometimes a Shiny Silver Spoon meets a fork and not just any fork.
A fork that goes very well with the spoon. A Shiny Silver Fork!

The Fork makes the Spoon happy and even though the Spoon is a bit round the Fork likes it and compliment the Spoon's convex side. The Fork got sharp edges and that excites the Spoon.

This particular Spoon I'm talking about has been in the cattlery box too long and had to lay next to all sorts of cattlery like "knives" that turned out to be all wrong.
Pointy and too uptight, not even sharp.

Then there was this "stirrer" that was all over the place and just made a mess of everything.

The worst times though for the Spoon was all the dirty cattlery and I'm not talking about some unpolished silver here. I mean real dirty like repulsive and filthy cattlery that tried to come close to the spoon and that made the Spoon uncomfortable.


It wasn't just all bad in that cattlery box.

No, the Spoon actually had some good times with a few butter knives that covered the Spoon in grease once in a while.
The Spoon kept mostly to itself and looked at other spoons and their forks, knives and stirrers and wondered if it one day would have what all the other spoons had!

But all of that was before Shiny Silver Fork......

He gives Shiny Silver Spoon..

............good Forking...............

She gives Shiny Silver Fork..

............good Spooning.............

Ps. Don't say Forking quickly cuz that would make my post dirty and I wanna keep it polished ;)

Best wishes

Shiny Silver Spoon

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