Thursday, October 27

Blog is up and running again, first post in 2 years!

I'm not even gonna go into all the stuff that happened since last time I blogged but I will mention the important shit. I guess you could say that I have a new life or at least a different one then before. I've changed location and job. I now live in Hamburg with a friend sharing appartment and bills. It's ok, a bit small though but I am not gonna live in it forever so it's good for now.

What else is new? My job...right! I work as a security supervisor in a club on Reeperbahn/Hamburg. 2 clubs actually but it's the same owner so I only have one boss (pheew) ;)
I love my job even though it's hard sometimes but i guess it's the same thing for everyone.

I'm 32 years old but i feel older and younger than that. (Don't ask) it's complicated.
I'm a woman with hopes and dreams like everyone else I suppose and I live one day at the time.
If there's something I've learned from life it's that the further ahead you look the longer time it takes until you get there, if you ever get there at all!

I'm gonna be honest and a bit open in this blog but i wont share too many of my intimant thoughts. That would just be weird. The reason to why I have a blog is simply because of myself. I need to write, every single day to feel good and get shit out of my system. I'm a complicated person but aren't we all?! This blog is probably gonna be very boring because I have serious problems with getting "naked" and write about juicy stuff. I usually keep all of that to myself so people only know approx. 5% of the real me.


Anonymous said...

Once black you never go back :)

Cowi said...

Haha true..