Thursday, October 27

Valentines day 2009

Is this day a day of joy or sorrow? Is this day made up for the commercial sector just so they can make extra money from people in love, or is it simply made up because we should'nt forget our loved ones? Well it doesn't matter how we wanna see this day. The fact is that this day is a fork in single womens eyes.

What if you think about that special person you have in your heart but can't talk to him. What Kind of impact does this day have on you then? Should this day make you reflect over things you've done and not done when it comes to showing affection for that person? Should this day make you think about where you went wrong or make you realise that you simply did nothing wrong at all. We just weren't meant to be together

Something pulled us back together again and again but I doubt it was Cupid lol.

Didn't we have any understanding for eachother?

Wasn't there any love?

It's with great sorrow I write this letter but I feel I have too.

I'm trying to use this day as a reflection day so I wont end up in this situation again.

I wanna think about what went wrong and why and how I can prevent it from happening again.

How can I build up my strength from here, without becoming apathetic towards love and how can I move on without missing him too much? By just moving on and Find a new guy to love and care for. That will scare the shit out of me but I will jump and try to fly again.

I wish him the best and hope he's happy. I'm going to be. I loved him for the man he was and his faults and misstakes. Nobody's perfect and neither am I but one thing I know now is that you can choose if this is gonna be a day of joy or sorrow.

I chose sorrow but I'm changing joy.

I loved someone and I will again some day.......when the time is right! :)

Until then.....

I'll be great on my own!



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