Thursday, October 27

From 2009

I've been wondering about dreams. Where do they come from? Why do they exist? Are they neccecary at all? Is not having any dreams a sign of having it all already or simply a realistic way of thinking. My conclusion is that dreams might not be dreams instead they might be goals you want fulfilled in life and you "dream" about them constantly to be reminded of which path to take.

Sometimes when the dreams are big and many it might be hard to focus and you'll get a feeling that you can't have it all! That shouldn't be the case. What you want is what you want and you shouldn't be forced to chose, not by yourself and certainly not by anyone else. Life is short but still long enough to maintain all the ingredients you need to live a happy and fulfilled life. If you only focus on one dream at the time, you'll see that things are starting to happen and a happier life is taking form.

My dreams are not exactly different from others. I grew up in a working family. My parents were married with 4 kids and we had a house, 2 cars and a dog. We were far from rich but we didn't miss anything in particular. I went to a small school in a tiny community where everone knew everyone.

I played with boys and climbed trees and made cars out of wood and scrubbed my knees and discovered my blood time and time again. I was also a little girl with dreams and read books about princes and princesses and white horses. I wanted to find my dreamprince, and become a thief who actually paid for stuff instead of stealing it. Lol.

I thought I was very inventive back then. 25 years later I might have a bit more knowledge and logic but still the same dreams. (Exept I don't wanna be a thief).

Little girls grow up with fairytales about how life look like and they truely believe that they are a tiny little helpless princess in a tower who's waiting to be rescued by a knight in shining armour. (The girls are learning really fast though that it's not how life works so the go out in life and look for the right one instead of sit and wait.), or they screw it alltogether and concentrate on career.

Little boys are growing up learning that there's equality between boys and girls and that girls don't need to be rescued at all. So 20 years later boys are restless and play around with different girls cuz no one needs to be saved and the boys are getting confused.

The girls are still dreaming about that special one who shall come and make their lives complete and while they're waiting theyre playing around with the confused boys.

When a girl find that special one among all the boys, she needs to be very careful. Prince's IRL don't want girls to step forward. They want them to sit quiet in a tower and wait for the prince to take the first fairytales.

It's just that the towers are empty. The princess'es are out having fun with prince's and they dance and fight for eternity cuz both sexes are so confused and messed up because they don't know their places anymore??

What I'm gonna do with my dream?? Haha...I don't know! I'm confused and messed up so I'll probably continue with the dancing and fighting until I die.

With no strings attached or the right one finds me one day and our compatibility is 100%. Who knows?

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