Thursday, October 27

The "mystery" bag

The club next to ours were giving away commercial bags with sex toys tonite.

Everywhere you looked you could see these cute light blue bags. The fun part is that last time it happened approx. 9 months ago everyone went crazy for these bags including me. People always go bananas over free stuff and when it's sex toys on top of, even worse. Anyway this time wasn't different at all.
As soon as we saw these bags we started to ask around and in the end of our shift one employee after another came out from the club with a light blue bag containing 1 vibrator, I erection ring, 3 condoms, 1 pair of dices (an erotic game) and a pair of loveballs (for a woman's pleasure and u can put them where u like also in the nostrils if they are big enough. I don't know what good that would do but still. The weird part is "Why do we all go crazy when these bags arrive"?
We know what's in them (not really a mystery anymore) and we have the stuff already since last time and we work next to the big sex street and it's full of sex shops where you can buy everything and I mean everythang!! BUT...none of these things matter because AS SOON as we see these light blue bags walking the street we start the competition! "Get a blue bag, one for me ONE FOR ME!" -Hey Boss, can I please go get a sex bag....I'll be back
Last time I didn't get a penis ring though. My colleague stole it from me and said I had no use for it lol....but that doesn't matter.

It's a principle!

"You do not steal from my mystery bag with sex toys that I already have and don't really need but still got for FREE" :D

Greedy, greedy, greedy!

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