Tuesday, June 9

A new time has come......I turned 30.

My age has changed and so has my blog!
From now, it's gonna be written in english.
I have some english speaking friends who can't follow my blog in swedish.
Simple as that.

It will be hard for me sometimes, to find the right words and express myself correctly in a foreign language but I'll do my best!

Also I have new rules set for myself and they are to be followed every single day.
The rules are to not talk about the past. Only the present and the future.
I have nothin to hide. It's just that I have an ability to get stuck in ruts and old thoughts.

"If you're afraid to take the next step, you might be standing on one leg for the rest of your life"

I will also try to write everyday.
I really don't see why people would want to read my blog everyday but appearently I have some people around me who actually do read it, so I'll try to have alot more updates then before. (Now that was a really long sentence lol)
Mark my words,,,,,I said "try"!

Birthday- (girl, maid, hag)

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