Tuesday, June 9

The geek in me is drying out my source of inspiration

To regain some inspiration for my upcoming fashionshow,
I have bought myself new sketch pads and I have new pencils as well.
The show is gonna be held in august. I really hope I can get all of my designs ready in time. I kinda hope that these pads are gonna help me.
I'm really tired now as well. I went up 6 am and sure I've been doing some important shit but it's still not enough. I've been moody all day and I'm disappointed in everything I do right now.

I need some fuel to my quiet life. I should do some exiting stuff.
If only I weren't such a geek I would go out and get myself a hot date with a hunky man or do some dangerous sports lol......no but seriously....

I need a date!!
Maybe that's why my inspiration is gone because I don't have enough s.e.x in my life? (Am I even aloud to say that in a blog) It's summer now!!
(well a rainy boring summer) but anyway....it's still summer and during summer a girl should go out and amuse herself and meet exotic men and don't think about tomorrow :)

Hmm....THAT did'nt sound like me.
I'm not even sure if I'm that girl anymore or even was??
She might be in me somewhere?? I'd better find the cool girl and toss the geek out before I get lost in the swamp of old maids lol

Inspiration come to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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