Tuesday, June 9


The time is 7.51pm so that silly blog clock is all wrong! I don't know how to change it :(
Anyway this is my last blogging for tonite. I'm exhausted so I'm gonna take my cute little hiny to bed. My son's school is out tomorrow so we're going to church with his class.
He's real excited that school is over and summer is here! My school is starting during summer though but I'll only be there mondays and tuesdays so it is not so bad. I'm excited too actually.....to start! I've looked forward to it. This education is something I have wanted for a very long time.

Anyway....it's time to sleep...or at least crawl under the covers with a movie and a teddy bear.
I have a cute teddy here on a loan. I lived with a guybefore and when he moved out he left all of his stuffed animals behind. It's actually nice to have them around me when I sleep. It got nothing to do with him though. It's just reminding me of childhood :) Innosence and stuffed animals :)
Stuffed animals are actually better to sleep in with. Both the guy and my son are kicking and hitting in their sleep so imagine the big of a danger I was in lol.
I remember one morning when I woke up earlier then the guy and gave him a kiss on his chest. Before I had the slightest chance to react I received a big slap right in my face!

I screamed ofcourse and I remember he opened his eyes and said!
-"Oh...I'm so sorry, I thought it was a fly"!!

Anyway.......bed....now....movie......teddy bear....gnight!

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