Thursday, June 11


12.20 am

Hello hey....
I was suppose to blog a little earlier but my computer had it's own way today and I had to update a bunch of shit to make it work. Something with the anti-virus. Really annoying :/
It's thursday and the weather is really bad.
Today it's the first day of my son's summer vacation and we're going to a water palace called Aq-va-kul.
Yesterday was a really nice day. I spent it with my son, mum and niece. We ate thai food and went shopping. Later last night I drove to my great grand mother in another town and paid her a visit. She was very happy to see us and we drank coffee, ate cockies and talked until 11 am.
I have'nt seen her in 3 years. It was really nice.
So yesterday was a very intense day. At 12 pm we were finally home and I carried a really tired 9 year old 4 floors....

Today.....Aq-va-kul :)

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