Saturday, June 13


4 am
Yesterday was a great day. Me and my son cleaned out the whole appartment and now I have a whole lot of space. Both in my rooms and my closet. I was'nt able to use my 3 three rooms before. The third room was more of a storage but now I have a bedroom, working room and a dining room. It is sooo nice!! Anyway....this day is kinda stressful.
I'm going to Ystad to my brothers b-day party. Normally I'm working all weekends but today I was able to switch my shift :)
I wont have anymore time to write today. I have to go to the laundry room and get my clothes.
I have a lot of sorting out to do!! Arrgghh I hate clothes!!! Why can't we just walk around naked or something. Ok..that raises a lot of other issues and proplems and besides, it would be too cold. Another better solution would be "NOT BUYING MORE CLOTHES" I have enough already...
Anyway.....this lady is gonna make herself a cup of coffe and getting down to business...
Ps. I LOVE my appartment...I'm glad I did all the work yesterday...It's absolutely lovely!

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